Aims and Objectives

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The main aims and objectives of the Institute are as follows:-

  • To undertake the training of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other such professionals needed for providing services to the disabled persons.
  • To offer education, training, work-adjustment and such other rehabilitation services as the society may deem fit to orthopaedically disabled persons with or without associated mental retardation.
  • To undertake the manufacturing and distribution of such aids and appliances as are needed for the education, training and rehabilitation of the disabled persons.
  • To provide such other services as may be considered appropriate for promoting the education and rehabilitation of the disabled persons, including organizing meetings, seminars and symposia.
  • To undertake, initiate, sponsor or stimulate research aimed at developing more effective techniques for the education and rehabilitation of the disabled persons.
  • To co-operate with national, regional or local agencies in research or such other activities as may be designed to promote the development of services for the disabled persons.
  • To undertake or sponsor such publications as may be considered appropriate.
  • To do such other things as may be necessary or incidental to the realization of the above objectives.
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