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OptionalTherapy1Occupational Therapists work for the care of people of all ages, who, because of their physical, developmental, social or emotional problems, need specialized therapeutic intervention, training and assistance, in the performance of activities of daily living and modification of environment, to lead independent, productive and satisfactory life.

The Department of Occupational Therapy provides following services in the Institute:

out- door services

The OPD division of Occupational Therapy Department consist of four main sub units :

1. Adult Therapy Section

2. Pediatrics Section

3. Functional Training / ADL Section

4. Endurance Testing and Development Section.

1. Rehabilitation / Adult Therapy sub unit :

This section consists of tools, apparatus equipments and other useful gadgets for the Occupational Therapy treatment of adults (above 12 years of age) patients. On an average seventy to eighty patients and people with physical disabilities are being given therapy every day.

Following Equipments are available in the department for upper extremities training and stimulating activities

Sanding Apparatuses are available in different forms and are used for the treatment of cases like frozen shoulder, periarthritic shoulder, paralytic or weak upper limbs, stiff joints and other such diseases. The above apparatus is also used to develop performance areas i.e. range of motion, muscle power, tone, coordination and functional abilities in the upper limbs.

Pegboards / Hand Therapy apparatuses are available in different shapes, sizes, contours, weights, colours and sets with different parameters used for comprehensive functional testing and therapy for hand dysfunctions.

Shoulder Wheel is used to improve range of motion, muscle power, tone , co-ordination , and other functional aspects of upper limb.

Multi Purpose Wheel is mainly used by therapists to develop functional status of upper extremity and to increase joint range of motion of upper extremity specially shoulder and forearm.

Wrist Mobilizer, shoulder pulley Finger ladder, Pronation Supination Machine are helpful in mobilization of fore arms, wrist and hand joints.

Continuous Passive Mobilizer-Upper extremity – for rehabilitation of upper limb injuries.

Wrist roller – for improving wrist & hand function.

Work station – for improving physical skills of persons with disability to perform work.

Pediatric standing frame – for improving standing endurance of developmentally disabled children.

Flexi hand exerciser & Color graded theraputty – for improving strength of small hand & finger muscles.

Department of Occupational Therapy uses standardized assessment tools for clinical and research purposes such as -

  • Weinstein Sensory assessment (USA) – for objective evaluation of sensory deficit among persons with disability.
  • Minnesota rate of manipulation test with software (USA) – for hand function assessment.
  • Purdue pegboard test with software (USA) – for hand function & dexterity assessment.

Equipments for lower extremities

Fretsaw Bicycle is an important equipment which works mainly for the functional improvement of lower and upper extremity simultaneously. It also improves the eye-hand coordination of the patient.

Jogger, Medicine Ball, Cycle, Rocker Board, Static cycle, Pedo cycle ankle motion machine, etc. are usually used to improve, maintain , and develop the muscle power, range of motion of joints, coordination, balance and other functional aspects of lower limbs.

Equipments for common use

Gadgets like Trunk rotator , Rowing Machine , Tilt Table and such other equipments are used for the purpose of improving and maintaining the mobility of joints, muscle power, balance, coordination etc.

2 Pediatric Section :

The equipment in this section consists of tools, apparatus equipments and other useful gadgets for the treatment of children upto 12 years of age.

Paediatric Multi purpose wheel is mainly used by therapists to develop functional status of upper extremity of disabled children from two years to seven years of age.

Zigag Board, pronation supination machine etc. are mainly used to improve and maintain coordination, prehensions, grip and range of motion of upper extremity.

Walker, saddle walker, walking frame, standing frame, ladder etc. are used for the purpose of training and facilitating the standing walking and balancing activities in children affected with diseases like Polio, Cerebral palsy and Infantile Hemiperesis etc.

Toys like Tricycle, Sliding horse, Sliding chairs etc. are also used for exercising and performing activities of lower extremities.

Vestibular board, Rocker board, Peg boards, Mats, Crawler, Wedge board, and such other equipments are also used to advice functional improvements in the children.

3 Functional Training /ADL Section

Training and retraining of activities of daily living which are hampered due to various disabling diseases, deformities and other reasons are provided in this section with the help of different gadgets in simulated forms.

The patients who have almost recovered and need to develop their stamina and endurance, control their speed during work, and develop work tolerance are also assisted in this section.

4 Endurance Testing and development section

Endurance Testing Section of Occupational Therapy deptt. is equipped with an Isokinetic machine. The Isokinetic machine works on the principle of variable speed & resistance. It has a sensor which judges force production by patients’ muscles and accordingly gives resistance at a particular degree of movement. Due to this arrangement the patient can do exercises for longer duration. It also provides audio-visual feedback to the exercising person.

No of cases provided therapeutic services in Occupational Therapy department during last 3 years are given below:

Year Patient’s on roll Patients visit











The department is also assisting in out reach services. Two senior Occupational Therapists are acting as Nodal Officers of District Disability Rehabilitation Centres at Tonk, Bikaner and Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan. They also participate in Rehabilitation Camps Fairs and Exhibitions as and where were needed.


Manpower development:

The department produces Occupational Therapy manpower of International Standard after intensive teaching and training by dedicated teachers of the Institute. The department is conducting 4½ year duration course of BOT in affiliation with the University of Delhi. After passing their fourth year examination, the students are posted for internship of six months’ duration at various hospitals including the OT department of the Institute on a rotational basis. One month rural posting is compulsory. During the academic year 2008-2009 the students were posted at “District Disability Rehabilitation Centre” and “Composite Regional Centre” for their rural posting.

Upgradation of faculty:

Faculty Up gradation: Four faculty members have been granted study leave of 2 years each for doing Masters in Occupational Therapy. One faculty member has successfully completed and rejoined services. Other three faculty members would be completing their post graduation by next session (2010).

One faculty member has been granted study leave for pursuing PhD in Occupational Therapy.

Seminar / symposium – In May 2008 a seminar on “Cerebral Palsy and Git analysis” and “Ergonomics” were conducted by experts of respective field.

Collaborative activities: Every year the department arranges orientation programme in Occupational Therapy for post-graduate diploma students of National Institute of Social Defence and MBBS students of Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC). Post–Graduate students of Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi and Jamia Hamdard are given clinical posting in the OT department.

Faculty participation - Faculty members were deputed to present three scientific papers at annual conference of Occupational Therapy Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Three of the faculty members attended International Congress on Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology held at AIIMS, New Delhi. They presented two scientific papers and one scientific poster.

One faculty member attended International Symposium at AIIMS “Asian and Pacific Parkinson’s Association (APPA)” at New Delhi.

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