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Speech and Hearing SectionThe Speech & Hearing unit provides assessment and therapy services to persons of all age groups affected with speech and hearing impairments especially the children who, apart from Cerebral Palsy, are also having associated speech problems. Hearing aids are also provided to the needy hearing impaired persons under the ADIP Scheme.

Speech Therapy unit also receives patients referred by different hospitals for speech and hearing evaluation and therapeutic management.

The Persons who are provided with hearing aids and their family members are taught about the importance of cleanliness, maintenance of hearing aids and their central tuning, volume and basic methods of its upkeep.

The details of patients who were provided services in Speech & Hearing unit during last three years are as follows: -

Year Patients on roll Patients visits
2007-2008 454 1242
2008-2009 601 1498
2009-2010 377 1162
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